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Our vision focuses on the revitalization of the American dream. We believe that the freedom to take risks has made American capitalism what it is today. But now it is time to rethink our risk calculus to focus on the American worker. Through targeted investments in the American workforce, we can harness untapped potential.


Our mission is to preserve the middle-class dream for future generations by investing in and promoting inclusive capitalist enterprises. We envision a world where capitalism flourishes for everyone without creating extreme inequities that threaten the fabric of our society.

Firm Timeline

Firm Timeline



Our value system revolves around the concept of inclusive capital, where prosperity stems from ownership and equity at any stake and size. Capital innovation is critical to this principle to keep the middle-class dream alive. Direct investments in operators and the workforce to support and develop talent are paramount because workers drive the success of a business. Finally, centralized strategic, capital, and human resources are necessary to create and maintain solid foundations and processes to achieve scale and profitability.

Inclusive Capitalism

Capital Innovation

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