By Confluence Philanthropy (reposted; originally published June 7, 2022)

We are pleased to announce a new pilot program for Emerging Fund Managers here at Confluence Philanthropy. This season we welcome six promising funds to the membership as a cohort. 

As many of you know, Emerging Managers are new funds with short track records, new teams, and lower AUM’s. However, they promise break through ideas, fresh leadership, exciting new portfolio companies, and disruptive business models. This sort of pioneering approach can be particularly powerful in the areas of climate solutions and racial equity lens investing where innovation can often create outsized returns and challenge long-entrenched investment practices.

In support of our commitment to both climate solutions and racial equity, the Confluence Membership Committee partnered with ImpactAssets (IA50) to create a new membership tier that competitively sourced cohort applicants for the program. Cohort members will participate at membership events throughout the year and enjoy individual support from our program team with access to all our community benefits.

The six fund managers selected for Confluence’s pilot program are listed below. Please join us in extending a warm welcome!