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A Private Equity Firm Focused on Inclusive Capitalism

Our Focus

At Good Scout Capital, we focus on providing opportunities for all in order for American capitalism to reach its full potential. Government can help the process forward but is not best equipped to help capitalism evolve in the right direction. Private equity can define what it means to value workforces for profit and sustainability. 

Inclusive capitalism focused on essential workforces and leadership development is the best way to revitalize the American economy. This concept drives our first fund, Scout Fund Alpha. Businesses should dip a toe in the proverbial waters of inclusive capitalism by offering a floor of 20 percent equity set aside for workers. We have the tools to transform the economy and revitalize the American dream. We just need to use them correctly.

“We can take risks by giving workers profit-sharing opportunities too. Capitalism thrives on risk. Let’s apply that same rigor in risk around wealth and income inequality.”

Good Scout Capital

“Wealth and income inequality undermines American capitalism and democracy.”

– Good Scout Capital

Housing Affordability

Only 4 states in the country where a $15 hourly wage worker could afford a 2-bedroom rental – Public Citizen

U.S. Wealth Disparities

Top 1% own half of the wealth

Top 10% own 70% of U.S. wealth

Top 1% have 16x more wealth than the bottom 50%